The Concept of Retail Information Management:Vision 2020


  • SKN College of Agriculture, Jobner, India


The vast global information are still controlled and managed by the libraries only and a lump sum amount of the budgets are also being spent on storage, management and delivery of information (books, Journals, e-documents etc.). But in spite of huge expenditure, each and every small libraries is not capable to meet out cent percent requirements of users searching relevant information. The globalization of marketing technology has drastically changed the minds of the people, lifestyle, economics etc. The present study reflects that year 2020 would be a year of economic concept of global information management through retail concept which will directly empower the people to collect, select and utilize information strictly on users profile/need. Most of the small libraries have become tool/shelter for collecting, storing vast information from publishers. Retail information concept can trigger proper delivery of information to right users only within limited financial constraints.


Information Management, Global Information Management, Retail Information Management.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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