Internet Setup in an Academic and Research Environ: A Model


  • Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, Karnataka, 585 106, India
  • Gulbarga University, Department of Library and Information Science, Gulbarga, Karnataka, 585106, India


The convergence of computers, mass media and telecommunication technologies have created a high speed 'Network of Networks' called the Internet, a zeitgeist of the millennium connecting individuals, business, industry, government and non-government agencies, academic and research institutions of the world providing seamless universal connectivity. An attempt has been made to provide client server architecture model, the Internet, protocols setup in an academic and research environ, which reduce syntactic and semantic knowledge required to conduct effective online searches. It also mentions the precautions to be considered while designing planned network of pros and cons. The role of library professionals in augmenting the Internet optimization has been suggested to explore the goldmine of Internet resources and concludes with areas of research on Internet.


Internet Use, Internet Setup Applications, Areas of Research.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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