Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management in University Libraries in Sri Lanka


  • University of Kelaniya, Department of Library and Information Science, Sri Lanka
  • University of Pune, Department of Library and Information Science, Pune, 411007, India


The purpose of this article is to offer an insight and a paradigm, generally for the university authorities and particularly for the library managers working in university libraries in Sri Lanka. Explore what types of human resource management concepts and techniques, which predominantly require for managing human resources in terms of achieving the expected targets of university libraries. In this respect, it is highlighted to consider the present scenario of rapidly changing socio-economic-political and technological environment in the island and globe. The necessity of an environmental analysis, internal and external to the libraries is emphasized for enabling the library managers to underpin why and what would be necessary for the effective use of human resources strategies for the university libraries. A considerable analysis of human resource management strategies is given in examining the expert ideas and practices written in both library management and business literature. Appropriate models and a holistic approach to human resource management are demonstrated aiming a maximum out put from human resources utilizing effective culture study and culture management. Both policy strategies and change management have been identified as principal human resource techniques within this context.


Human Resource Management, Personnel Management, Staff Development, Sri Lanka, Academic Libraries, Strategic Management.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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