Bibliomining Processes for Integrated Library System


  • The University of Burdwan, Central Library, Burdwan, 713 107, India
  • The University of Burdwan, Dept. of Computer Science, Burdwan, 713 107, India


Data mining is a form of artificial intelligence that uses automated processes to find information. Although its use in libraries is to be explored, data mining has been used successfully for several years in the scientific and business communities for tracking behavior of individuals and groups, processing medical information, and a number of other applications. This system has been designed for librarians to help them manage the library easily. Here, we have applied data mining to library systems which is known as bibliomining. Unfortunately, few libraries have taken advantage of these data as a way to improve customer service, manage acquisition budgets or influence strategic decision making about uses of information in their organizations. In this paper, we present initially data mining, then a short application of data mining in libraries (bibliomining), and the variety of decisions that those data can inform. We describe ways in which library and information managers can use data mining in their libraries, i.e., bibliomining, to understand patterns of behavior among library users and staff members and patterns of information resource use throughout the institution.


Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Bibliomining, OLAP.

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Library Management

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