Strategic Planning-A Tool for Future Libraries


  • Infant Jesus College of Engineering, Thoothukudi, 628 851, India
  • Infant Jesus College of Engineering, Department of Management of Studies, Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu, 628 851, India
  • Rani Anna Government College for Women, Tirunelveli, India


Strategic Planning is becoming an important management tool for successful management of Libraries and Information Centres. Strategic planning is about linking with future implications present decisions. Strategy is an aid to the top executive in dealing with the problems and dilemmas posed by an increasingly complex and competitive environment. Strategic planning refers to the management processes in organizations through which the future impact of change is determined, technologies have exerted a dominant pressure in redesigning the work of the library. The library of the future is one that we are building by adopting such technologies, Libraries today are challenged by several major trends that are emerging the way we work, learn and communicate. These are globalization, information explosion and a new world of electronic access to information all of which have impacted library management and its services. Planning in the library will be helpful in sharing the vision for the future of library services. To, have a better plan for the library. Use the existing trends and knowledge for actions how does a better knowledge for actions. How does a better library look like? It is essential to involve, the stake holders of the library that is users, members of the committee, donors, suppliers, heads of the institutions, governing body in your plan. Their increased participation will definitely be helpful in the implementation of the plan.


Management Tools, Strategic Planning, Libraries and Information Centres.

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Library Management

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