A Journey of Rural Library Movement in India:Retrospect and Prospects


  • State Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi, 110024, India


Traces the history of rural library movement in India. Discusses the major landmarks, which have made the history of rural library movement. States the present scenario of public library movement, efforts for development of rural libraries in context of library legislation, role of national and state level library associations and valuable contributions of Dr. S R Ranganathan and other devoted professionals to give impetus to public library movement at grass root level in Indian states. Emphasizes the importance of some notable documents which deserve special attention from the point of view of future planning of rural library network in the entire country. Concludes that a time bound strategy is the need of hour for stimulating readings and spread of library consciousness in rural areas. This can be done through setting up RLCRCs in Indian villages so that desired information of the villagers may be provided with in short time locally. Therefore, each State government must pass the library legislation to ensure the rural public library services in their respective areas.


Public Libraries, Library Movement, Rural Libraries, Library Legislation.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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