Electronic Document Delivery for Supporting Agricultural Research in Kenya:The Experience of Egerton University Library


  • Egerton University, Kenya
  • Egerton University, Department of Languages, Kenya


Stringent economic conditions, coupled with the proliferation of information have incapacitated many agricultural research libraries in developing countries. Traditional means of document delivery have slumped, causing widespread user-dissatisfaction. Consequently, Compact Disc-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM) technology continues to gain preference, especially in Africa, as an electronic means of hastening docu ment access. The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL), employing CD-ROMs, is examined in relation to its potential in promoting agricultural research at Egerton University in Kenya. A critical analysis of pertinent administrative and technical issues is made with envisaged challenges in focus. Ultimately, suitable solutions for sustainability and improvement are proffered.


Document Delivery, CD-ROM, Agricultural Research, Developing Countries, Kenya.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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