Skill Requirements of LIS Professionals in the New E-World


  • ISRO Satellite Centre, Library and Documentation, Bangalore, 560 017, India


All pervasive information technology (e-world) has affected significantly the rendering of library and information services, but adoption of IT to library services has not been smooth. In addition to professional knowledge, librarianship is expected to have some knowledge in the areas of management, foreign languages, statistics, computers, etc. New professionals of e-world of 21 st century need to have not only knowledge and skill in the areas of information technology but also matching 'will' to carryout the services in the new media and means. Any significant gap between knowledge and corresponding skills required is dangerous. The paper cites various levels of skills required by LIS professionals and highlight skills starting from computer literacy to electronic publishing and marketing.


Information Technology, E-World, LIS Professionals Skill Requirement, Professional Skills, IT Skills, Managerial Skills.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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