Information Needs of Subject Matter Specialists in Agricultural Extension Service


  • Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad, 500030, India


Emphasises the need for increasing the agricultural production to meet the demands of the increasing population in India. Since the farmers do not have direct access to the technologies generated, extension system has been evolved. In the reorganised system that is in operation the Subject Matter Specialist (SMS) plays a crucial role in transferring information on the farm technologies to the extension staff and in turn to the farmers. Stresses the need for keeping the SMSs up to date with latest developments by organised information service. Presents the methodology adopted for the study of the information needs of the SMS, findings and conclusions. Based on the study covering 105 SMSs in selected 9 districts of Andhra Pradesh. Concludes that the infonnation on seeds, soils and water management are top priority areas. Pleads for Selective Dissemination ofInformation and makes recommendations for keeping the SMSs up-todate with latest developments.


Information Needs, Subject Matter Specialists, Agricultural Extension.

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