Obsolescence of Reading Materials in Academic Libraries Due to Changes in Research Projects/Programmes-A Case Study at J R D Tata Memorial Library Collection


  • Indian Institute of Science, J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library, Bangalore, 560 012, India


The primary mission of the academic libraries is to support the educational and research programmes and projects of its parent organization, by providing reading materials such as, books, journals and reports etc,  which are the major intellectual sources.

This paper discusses the changes in research projects/programmes, in different fields of science and technology and their impact on collection development and management. The case study highlights the need for basic plan for better utilisation of financial resources, apart from the organizational supports. A careful and systematic evaluation of the document collection and growth of the JRDTML reveals its commitment to meet the goal of its parent institute. As and when the research projects ceased/ended, the library authorities have taken immediate action to change the policy of subscription to journals and acquisition of documents related to these projects. This has enabled to acquire new titles of journals and books to suit the changing R & D projects.

The study identifies the obsolescence in collection due to changes in research activities/programmes in different fields of knowledge.


Collection Development, Academic Libraries, Obsolescence, Research Projects-Policy, JRDTM Library.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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