Effective Book Buying through a E-Book Store


  • University of Mysore, Department of Library and Information Science, Mysore, India
  • SDM - Institute for Management Development, Mysore, India


Buying of books either for personal or institutional use, today, is just a click. There is no need for a lot of paper work, reminders, telephone calls, etc. As a major break to the conventional purchasing of books in libraries, this article is an outlook of modern e-purchase procedure. firstandsecond.com is one of the India's largest e-bookshops, which is claimed to be the perfect answer to the amazon.com. The authors present here their hands on experience in online purchase of books and their virtual journey to the most popular e-bookstore firstandsecond.com.


Acquisition of Books, Book Buying, Electronic Book Store, E-Book Store, Online Book Trading.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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