Education of LIS Professionals in the United States


  • Alameda County Library, Fremont, California, 94560, United States


United States's good economy has been the center of attraction for thousands of professionals in various fields from around the world. The profession of Library and Information Science (LIS) is no exception. Numbers of immigrants in the country, especially in California have been constantly on the rise for at least a decade. In-spite of the fact that the United States libraries have a clear need of LIS professionals from other cultures, it has been observed that LIS professionals who migrate from other parts of the world have great difficulties obtaining professional positions. Many of them give up before they can get to a professional position. In this paper an attempt has been made to explain how the LIS profession works in this country and what are the things that may stand in one's way. Some suggestions have also been made about how one can plan and prepare ahead of time to make it (finding an LIS professional position) a successful experience.


Library and Information Science (LIS), United States, American Library Association (ALA), Masters in Library Science/Library, Information Studies (MLS/MLIS), Evaluation Process, I-IS Professionals, Ethnic Groups, Accredited Master's Program, Information.

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Library Management

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