Cataloguing of Assamese Names:A Study


  • Gauhati University, Department of Library and Information Science, Guwahati, 781 014, India


Traces the origin and development of Assamese language and literature. Describes the ancient name which are single worded and two worded. Elaborates the 'Ahom Kings' title which have become pure surnames. Discusses the complexities developed due to adoption of Ahom surnames. Frequent use of the prefix 'BOR' and 'BAR' in the Ahom titles have been a salient feature. Discusses use of two surnames by some single authors the reasons for which are still not known. Analyses the trend of Assamese surnames having british pattern. Throws light on changes in married in author's name and the latest trend use of female surnames.


Cataloguing, Assamese Surnames, Ahom Titles.

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Library Management

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