Clasthes: A Thesaurofacet Creator


  • National Research Council (CNR), Istituto Di Studi Sulla Ricerca E Documentazione Scientifica, Rome, 12 - 00185, Italy


The article describes CLASTHES, a specific software package created on an Apple Macintosh II fx platform by the ISRDS in order to structure a system of concepts defined both as the conceptual expression ofthe structural relationship of a whole - i.e., the image of the external structure of the system - and as the structural relationship between the individual elements within the system itself.

The extemal structure, which is the general structure of the system, is created by means of thesaurus facets, here defined as areas, while the internal structure is represented by the relationships linking the single elements attributed to the various areas.


Software, Thesaurus, Macintosh, Clasthes.

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Library Management

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