An Intelligent Help System for Retrieving Technical Information


  • Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Rome, I-00142, Italy


Discusses the retrieval of operational information for electronics-based products. Such kind of information is described in paper operating manuals as well as, for an increasing number of products, in software documentation systems. In particular, on-line documentation systems for computer applications are examined and their deficiencies are analyzed. Such documentation systems are not very useful because they are static and passive. The user is responsible for accessing, integrating and tailoring the information needed to solve her/his specific task. To overcome the deficiencies a new approach should be adopted: the access and the use of the information are to be considered jointly. The documentation system should take an active role and assist the user by dynamically adapting the information to the specific user's task. The architecture of an Intelligent Help System that takes into account these issues is described. The system is based on artificial intelligence techniques.


Help Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Humancomputer Interaction, Technical Information, Retrieval, Eelectronics-Based Products.

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