Unified Vision of Library Science (Development of Library Science. 2)


  • North Western Polytechnic, School of Library Science, London, United Kingdom


Points out the wholeness in the life and work of Ranganathan, stemming from the spiritual foundations of scholarship and learning preserved in Indian tradition, this essence being sometimes missed by Western readers, and his devotion to duty being the fulfilment of and not an escape from, life. Describes his art, discovery, and humour, his application of the Scientific Method to librarianship, his pioneering research in library science, his method of teaching. integration of theory and practice in all that he does. the unification of library science by his Five Laws, his approach to classification, and the significance of the course designed by him on Universe of Knowledge: Development and Structure. Emphasises the essays under review highlighting the holistic approach of Indian librarianship and providing a stimulus to the frustrated and those succumbing to the routines of professional life.

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Library Management

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