Mapping Metrics for Subject-Object Coordinated Field Recognition and Representation


  • Wayne State University, Library Science Program, Kresge Library, Detroit, 48204, United States


A sample microcomputer software program, using concise IBM BASICA LOGO language, provides a formula and skeleton for micro-networking and mapping the essential objects, a cumulative repository of advantageous learning experiences and knowledge. These objects are pre-definable through citation analysis within a particular subject field. These objects become progressive and inheritable through a hierarchical chaining mechanism. A machine readable map is thus generated. It can be used as an independent research indicator for mapping a particular subject field. It can also be linked to related BASIC programs or shelled over to support other software packages. A micro-network within a subject field is economically established on a personal computer station. It can also be effectively expanded to perform as a language translator to coordinate the bilingual and multi-cultural arena.


Mapping, Object, Micro-Networking, Subject, Machine Readable Mapping, MARM.

Subject Discipline

Digital Libraries

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