Management Science and Library and information Centres


  • Institute of Armament Technology, Pune, India


The impact of management science on the library and information field, although marginal in effect is of recent origin. The reasons for this belated awareness are many, such as social and psychological factors, the diffused pattern of the library and information (LI) sector, the amorphous nature of the growth of management science (MS), confusing industrial engineering with MS, and the problems of adapting an outside discipline. The LI management area is inter-disciplinary in nature involving MS and LI. Understanding of MS and the environment in which LI operates is essential for further development of the subject. The environment of LI consists of three components-recorded information, users of that information and the management required to establish a harmonious relationship between the first of Based on the study of the characteristics of these components and their impact on management processes, as they affect different sectors of LI, a broad management framework for LI is developed. Major problems likely to be faced by LI managers at policy level include that of reconciling the demands of two conflicting value systems information as an instrument for cultural and intellectual advancement and information as a commodity; the effects of monopolistic tendencies in the information field, and choice of technologies/processes.

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Library Management

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