Program-Package for a System for Document Finding


  • Indian Statistical Institute, Documentation Research and Training Centre, Bangalore, 3, India


A Program-Package containing fifteen programs for use in the design, development, and operation of a system for document finding (SDF) is described. The computer-based SDF integrates within it a Freely-faceted Scheme for Classification of subjects. The system provides for: 1 Retrospective search for entries of documents relevant to a reader's query in a Catalogue on- Tape; 2 SDI service; 3 Reader's approach oy name of subject, author, collaborator, series, etc; 4 Reader Profile Catalogue in which the subject of interest to the reader may be in the form of Class Number, or Feature Heading only, or Class Number and Feature Heading; 5 Acceptance of reader's query about a subject in the form of Kernel Terms in random sequence; 6 Replacement of non-standard terms, if any, in the query, by standard terms in the classification schedules through a built-in thesaurus of a special kind; 7 Rearrangement of the Kernel Terms of a subject in the facet structure sequence using schedules in which the kernel ideas are arranged in a special way; 8 Synthesis of Class Number for Subject of document or of query using Colon Classification; 9 Translation of Class Number into Kernel Terms to form Feature Heading; 10 Direct reader-computer "dialogue"; 11 Browsing, in the output documentation list among its classified entries fitted with adequate Feature Headings; 12 Alphabetical Index to the Subjects etc of the output documentation list; 13 Different formats of Main Entry in the output; 14 Output on link printer, punched card, and magnetic tape; 15 Updating the Catalogue on-Tape, the Catalogue of Reader Profile-on-Tape, and the Classification Schedules-an-Tape ; and 16 Guidance by computer to help reader to use the system.

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