Cataloguing Terminology


  • Documentation Research and Training Centre, Bangalore, 3, India


Emphasises the need for a special technical terminology in the field of cataloguing in order to make the rules of cataloguing and discussions and teaching in cataloguing precise and free from refraction due to noise. Enumerates some Canons of Technical Terminology. Gives a census of the "Net" Technical Terms relating, to the cataloguing problems covered by CCC 1964 and by ALA 1967. Compares the definitions of some important terms given in ALA Code and CCC. Indicates their mutual impact in their successive editions. Brings out the avoidable faults in ALA 1967 and CCC 1964. Wherever necessary, gives an amended version of the definitions in CCC 1964 for inclusion in CCC Ed 6 in preparation, so as to avoid such faults. But no attempt is made to propose any amended version of any rule of ALA 1967.

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