Exposure to Cell Phone Radiations Produces Biochemical Changes in Worker Honey Bees


  • Punjab University, Department of Zoology, Chandigarh, 160 014, India


The present study was carried out to find the effect of cell phone radiations on various biomolecules in the adult workers of Apis mellifera L. The results of the treated adults were analyzed and compared with the control. Radiation from the cell phone influences honey bees’ behavior and physiology. There was reduced motor activity of the worker bees on the comb initially, followed by en masse migration and movement toward ’’talk mode’’ cell phone. The initial quiet period was characterized by rise in concentration of biomolecules including proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, perhaps due to stimulation of body mechanism to fight the stressful condition created by the radiations. At later stages of exposure, there was a slight decline in the concentration of biomolecules probably because the body had adapted to the stimulus.


Apis mellifera, biomolecules, cell phone radiations, hemolymph

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