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I have read ‘Mind and it’s Control’ by Gopal C Bhar in the ISC, Vol 27, No 2, March 2013 and like to add the following to it:

Mind has got no scientific existence a tall. Our BRAIN is divided into two parts. A much lower BRAIN that is called the THALAMUS and a lighter BRAIN that is called CEREBRUM. The actions we perform in our daily routine life are almost all accomplished by the THALAMUS. As for example a mosquito bites on your right hand and you are driving the same with your left hand. Mere, a REFLEX acts which ultimately centred on THALAMUS. Indeed the mosquito bite and its previous experiences etc are all via THALAMOCORTICAL PATHWAYS are stored in the cerebrum as MEMORY. But the intellectual functions are CEREBRET in the truest sense. And MEMORY should be our main concern in this context in place of mind.


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