Assessment of Non-Carcinogenic Risk and Body Responses for Oil Refinery Staff


  • Ukhta State Technical University 169300, Republic of Komi, Ukhta, ul. Pervomaiskaya 13



Chemical Factor, Incidence, Non-Carcinogenic Risk, Non-Carcinogenic Substances, Staff Health, Working Conditions.


The study is relevant due to the lack of methods for assessing risk to the staff health from exposure to various substances in the production environment, which would take into account the responses of the body. To date, the procedure for special assessment of working conditions allows assessing the risk only at the level of establishing a class of working conditions in order to subsequently establish an additional payment for harmful working conditions, but not quantify the risk to the staff health. In this regard, this paper aims to assess non-carcinogenic risk to the health of the oil refinery staff and to identify dependencies between the magnitude of the risk and incidence of this staff. The leading approach to study this problem is to take into account both separate action of non-carcinogenic substances on individual organs and systems of the human body, and their combined effect to consider the effect of the chemical factor and take into account the effect of potentiation. The paper provides information on substances present in the work area, information about their danger, detailed analysis of their effects on the human body. Three scenarios for calculating non-carcinogenic risk for the workplace of the technician pump operator are considered as an example, an algorithm for the "dose-effect" model was provided, 26 risk groups for the staff of oil refinery were formed, information was provided on incidence of the staff, groups of diseases were identified by unidirectional action of the substances, dependence equations of non-carcinogenic risk and four nosological forms of diseases (respiratory diseases, diseases of kidneys and genitourinary system, eyes and its appendages, cardiovascular system) were obtained, reliability of the obtained dependences was assessed. The materials of the paper are of practical value for the researchers of this issue, employees of the occupational safety departments of enterprises for assessing the risk from exposure to the chemical factor, establishing relation of working conditions with occupational diseases of the staff, identifying risk groups among the staff of the enterprise workshops, and developing measures to improve working conditions


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