Heavy Metals Pb, Cu, Co, Ni and Cr Determination Estimation of Biochemical Functions in Mosses in Reference to Chlorophyll along with Elements Zn, Mn and Fe Content in some Residential Sites Using Moss Octoblepharum albidum Hedw


  • Lucknow (U.P.)
  • Department of Botany University of Lucknow, Lucknow (U.P.)




Heavy Metals, Pollution, Residential Areas, Moss, Bio-Monitoring.


Some residential area of Lucknow were surveyed and Moss Octoblepharum albidum Hedw samples were collected from some selected residential colonies. Samples were collected from soils and moist brick walls and analysed for determination of heavy metals Pb, Cu, Co, Cr and Ni. Samples collected from Garden and Monument areas were treated as Control. Samples collected from Residential areas showed higher level of heavy metals in comparison to the samples collected from Garden and Monument sites. Higher content of lead, Copper and Cobalt was found in the residential areas as compared to the Garden and monument areas. However variable results were obtained with regard to chlorophyll content and Zn, Mn and Fe content in moss samples collected from different locations of Lucknow.


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