Modulatory effect of vitamin E and C on SO^ induced hematological alterations in albino rats


  • Department of Zoology, School of Life Sciences, Khandari Campus, Dr. B.R.AmbedkarUniversity, Agra, U.P, 282002, India


The present study aimed to investigate the alterations in selected hematological parameters (total erythrocyte count, total leucocyte count, hemoglobin concentration, packed cell volume, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and red cell indices(MC V, MCH, MCHC) of wistar albino rats after short term (80 ppm, 1 h/ d for 28 days) exposure to SO ^ gas and protective effect of vitamin E (2.5mg/rat) andC (5mg/rat) individually and In combination. The results of the present study imply that hematological parameters altered after SO^ gas inhalation and lead to reduction in TEC, Hb.Conc, PCVand red cell indices, while elevation in TLC and ESR. However, SO^ induced hematological alterations modulated after supplementation of vitamin E and C individually and in combination due to antioxidant defense mechanism against toxic action of SO^ inhalation. The findings of the present study exhibit that the supplementation of vitamin E and C in combination have more potential to mitigate SO^ induced hematological alterations in albino rats than the supplementation of vitamin E and C individually.


SO gas. Hematological alterations. Albino rats, Vitamin E and C.

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