Monitoring of Nuclear Abnormality Frequencies as Indicators of Environmental Pollution in Peripheral Erythrocytes of Labeo rohita Reared in Lakes of Bangalore


  • Department of Zoology, Bangalore University, Bangalore – 560056, Karnataka
  • Department of Zoology, Bangalore University, Bangalore – 560056, Karnataka



Blood, Erythrocytes, Genotoxicity, Labeo rohita, Pollutants.


The present study was aimed to evaluate genotoxicity in peripheral erythrocytes of Labeo rohita reared in two lakes viz., Vengaiah lake - sewage polluted (Lake A) and Yellamallappa Chetty lake - industrially polluted (Lake B) of Bangalore. To assess the micronuclei and nuclear abnormalities in such erythrocytes, blood samples were collected from heart of the freshwater fish, L. rohita anesthetized by MS222. The results were compared with the fish reared in the Hebbal fish farm (Control). The data revealed significantly high frequencies of erythrocytic abnormalities including nuclear as well as cytoplasmic in the fish blood sampled from lake B when compared to those of lake A. Such abnormalities in erythrocytes of fish varied seasonally also with summer exhibiting maximum deformities which can be attributed to the presence of genotoxic pollutants in the selected water bodies. The values were statistically significant at P<0.0001.


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