Ammonia Intoxication at the Work Place - A Case Report


  • Sanador Medical Center, Occupational Medicine Department, Bucharest, Romania
  • Sibiu Clinical County Hospital, Occupational Diseases Compartment, Romania


Objectives: We report a case of intoxication with irritant vapors (ammonia). Methods: The patient was admitted to the Occupational Diseases Compartment of the Sibiu Clinical County Hospital, Romania, monthly - in January, February, March, April in 2015, for respiratory symptomatology, which was initially included in the manifestations of the intoxication with irritant vapors, later for the chronic post-intoxication residual respiratory effects. Results: The patient, though young (36 years old), is now retired on medical ground, because of the pulmonary complications which occurred despite the intensive treatment. Discussion: The intoxication occurred because of a work accident at a preserved meat product factory in the city. We emphasize the importance of preventing such situations.


Ammonia, Gas, Intoxication, Irritant Vapours, Work Accident.

Subject Discipline

Occupational Health

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