A Study on the Histological and Biochemical Effects of Long-Term Exposure of 4G LTE Radiation Emitted by Mobile Phone on The Liver of Wistar Rats


  • GSL Medical College Rajahmundry, Department of Anatomy, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, 533296, India
  • SSMCRI, Department of Anatomy, Tamil Nadu, 603108, India
  • GSL Medical College Rajahmundry, Department of Pathology, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, 533296, India


Every modern technology has two faces. On the brighter side, the mobile phone has become the most essential part of modern life and is playing a very vital role in the life of the human being from womb to the tomb. Most of the people are engaged with them totally to thrive their daily needs .On the other side they are harmful to the human life as they produce thermal and non thermal stress and they can also be carcinogenic and may lead to neural disorders on long run. According to a research they even effect the environment by producing the non-ionising radiation. There were studies evidencing extinction of some species of birds. Most of the earlier studies were based on 2G and 3G radiation effects ,very few had given an account of the effects of 4G mobile phone radiation so in this study 4G mobile phone with band width 800-2700 MHZ is used for 96 min/day for 6 months by means of an WhatsApp video call on the Wistar male rats and their effects on the liver were found to be that there causes an inflammation ranging from mild to moderate, congestion of the vessels, Kupffer cell granuloma histologically and biochemical there showed a increase in the levels of Total bilirubin, Direct bilirubin, SGPT& AlKP with a decrease in the levels of SGOT. The results display that 4G mobile radiations may have a adverse effects on the liver. 


Effects, Liver, Mobile Phone, Radiation, Wistar Rats

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