Qualitative Analysis and Anthelmintic Activity of Hydro-Alcoholic Extract of Tabernaemontana Divaricata


  • School of Chemical and Biotechnology, SASTRA University, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Thanjavur, 613401, India


Tabernaemontana divaricata is a common shrub found in the tropical regions and is often used for medicinal purposes, particularly the flowers of the plant. The present study is conducted to compare and identi fy the phytochemical constituents by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and Qualitative Phytochemical analysis and to determine the anthelmentic activity of fresh and dried flower extract of Tabernaemontana divaricata . The extract is obtained using two differ ent methods like cold maceration and hot solvent extraction by using soxhlet apparatus, first with petroleum ether followed by hydroalcohol as solvents. The preliminary phytochemical analysis of the extract indicated the presence of Alkaloids, Flavanoids, Steroids, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Tannins. The Rf value of TLC is calculated and compared with standard values and analysis proved the presence of the phytochemical constituents. The anthelmentic activity studies are performed using Indian earth worms . For this, the concentrated extract is diluted to various concentrations, and the effect of each solution is studied by measuring the time taken for paralysis and death of the earth worms. It is found to show significant anthelmentic activity at various concentrations compared with that of the standard drug Metronidazole.


Thin Layer Chromatography, Eudrilus Eugeniae, Eisenia Foetid.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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