Policy Towards Novice, Serial and Portfolio Entrepreneurs


  • Manipal Universal Learning, Bangalore, India


It is an interesting proposition to examine whether entrepreneurship has an addictive feature, in the sense, will an entrepreneur having tasted success in his endeavor, repeat his attempt again or even 'again and again'. Will setting up a business becomes a habit to such a person like any other mundane habits in his daily chore. The answer selectively is 'yes'. In other words, there are a class of entrepreneurs who enjoy the creation of enterprises and having once established a successful one, go on to start others. Such entrepreneurs who establish multiple enterprises are called "habitual entrepreneurs" as compared to one time entrepreneurs who may have started only one enterprise in their entire entrepreneurship career. For an one time entrepreneur, his maiden effort is an end by itself. However, for a habitual entrepreneur, each effort is a step in learning. Each subsequent effort is likely to be better than the previous one. Such multiple enterprises owning entrepreneurs may have handed over their ventures to professional managers before starting the new ones or may be managing multiple ventures concurrently.


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