BREXIT: Talent Challenges for Recruitment and Retention


  • M. P. Birla Institute of Management, Bengaluru, 560 001, India


The BREXIT verdict has shaken the world economy by and large. There is a lot of uncertainty in UK and EU from economic perspective. Irrespective of the referendum, it is a question mark on the relations between UK and EU. The changes visualized immediately after Britain voted in favor of Brexit, was the currency impact, changes in banking and financial system and skilled labor being affected because of downsizing. Top companies are taking decisions on how to manage the turmoil of this world event. This paper tries to give a bird’s eye view on the talent perspective of UK and consequences there on. It rides through some of the issues like global talent issues, talent issues at Britain and its consequences on India too.


EU - European Union, UK - United Kingdom, US - United States of America, IT - Information and Technology, ITes - Information and Technology Enabled Services, KSA - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities.

Subject Discipline

Human Resource Management

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