The Application of Total Quality Management (TQM in Not for Profit Organizations (NPOs) – with Special Reference to The Akshaya Patra Foundation in India


  • Manipal University, Department of Management, India


Production of standardized products began in 2nd World War, wherein standard became essential support in Military organization. During the post 2nd World War period controlling quality during production process was given prime importance for products of defense origin in USA. The textile mill was facing the problem of production of standardized cloths in UK. The necessity of production of standardized product led to the introduction of process control. The aim was to correct the production systematic process level wherein any system problem are attended to, for ensuring at the end a standardized product. The process was termed Statical Process Control wherein X R charts were used effectively. This was followed by product control techniques as enumerated by charts such as defects charts, proportion of defect charts such as no defect, proportion of defect chart and number of defect per unit and the like.


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