Food Additives to Extend Shelf Life

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This book "Food additives to extend shelf life" supplies detailed technical information on U. S. Patents relating to chemical additives which can be used in foods to prolong their shelf life. Processes for use of additives to extend shelf life of foods as given in this volume, are organized according to food category of food group. The book presents an advanced, commercially oriented review of how to prolong the shelf life of foods by means of chemical additives. Further the book describes a number of technical possibilities, which may open up profitable areas of research and development in food industry. Advanced composition and production methods developed by Noyes data are employed in the printing of this book.


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Murthy, N. K. (1976). Food Additives to Extend Shelf Life. The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, 13(10), 346–347. Retrieved from



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