Distribution of the Red Coconut Scale, Furcaspis oceanica Lindinger (Homoptera:Diaspididae) and its Introduced Parasitoid, Adelencyrtus oceanicus Doutt (Hymenoptera:Encyrtidae) in Guam


A survey conducted from January to March 1996 to determine the distribution of the red coconut scale, Furcaspis oceanica Lindinger (Homoptera : Diaspididae) and its natural enemy, Adelencyrtus oceanicus Doutt (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) introduced to Guam in 1988-89, showed that both have spread to all the villages of Guam except the southern most village of Umatac. There were more male scales than females in the samples collected. Males were not parasitized by A. oceanicus. A high rate of parasitization by A. oceanicus was noted in the villages of Talofofo, Harmon and Merizo.


Adelencyrtus oceanicus, Coconut, Distribution, Furcaspis oceanica, Parasitoid.

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