Relative Safety of Buprofezin and Insecticides to Encarsia shafeei a Parasite of Cotton Whitefly Bemisia tabaci Genn.


The chitin synthesis inhibitors, buprofezln and diflubenzuron were tested for their safety in comparison with the Insecticides viz., phosalone (0.08%), triazophos (0.08%), monocrotophos (0.07%) and endosulfan (0.07%) against Encarsia shafeel Hayat, a parasite of Bemisia tabaci Genn. Buprofezln and diflubenzuron were safe to the adult parasites even at a high dose of 0.1%. When the parasite larvae were exposed to the treatments, buprofezln suppressed the adult emergence at high concentrations of 0.05 and 0.1 %. Invariably, all the Insecticides were toxic to the larvae and adults of parasite. Considering the extent of toxicity to adult parasites, phosalone was less toxic than the other insecticides. Against Immature stage of the parasite, endosulfan, phosalone and monoerotophos were equally toxic. Triazophos was highly detrimental to both adult as well as Immature stages of the parasite.


Buprofezin, Diflubenzuron, Encarsia shafeei, Bemisia tabaci, Phosalone, Endosulfan, Triazophos, Monocrotophos.

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