Bio-Ecology of Three Aphidiid Parasitoids of Toxoptera aurantii (Boyer de Fonscolombe) Infesting Tea in South India


In the tea plantations of south India, Aphidius colemani Viereck, Lipolexis scutellaris Mackauer and Trioxys indicus Subba Rao and Sharma parasitise Toxoptera aurantii (Boyer de Fonscolombe). At 25±5 °C and 75±5 percent RH, developmental period of the parasitoids varied between I5 and 18 days. The three year study revealed that the percentage of parasitism was hlghest from January to March. High relative humidity adversely affected the numerical abundance of aphidiids.


Tea Aphid, Toxoptera aurantii, Aphidiids, Bioecology.

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