Parasites of the Pigeonpea Podfly Melanagromyza obtusa (Malloch) in India


In a survey of parasites on the pigeonpea podfly. Mefanagromyza obtuse (Malloch) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in India, six genera-Euderus (Eulophidae). Eupelrnus (Eupelmidae), Eurytoma, Plutarchia (Eurytomidae), Anusrrophoplex (Torymidae) and Ormyrus (Ormyridae) were recorded during 1977-83. Data on monthly overall parasitism revealed peaks during February-March. when the pest populations are also usually high. In a two year (1980-82) study at ICRISAT Center, Euderus and Ormyrus were found to be the dominant parasites on M. obtusa. Difference in extent of parasitism was observed between samples from two pigeonpea cultlvars- ICP 1 and HY 3C, which was probably related to host abundance. Surveys revealed that the genera - Euderus and Ormyrus are also dominant and widely spread in India and these should be conserved. The possibility of augmentation is also mentioned.


Melanagromyza, Parasites, Eupelmus, Euryroma, Antistrophoplex, Ormyrus, Influence of Host Plant Variety.

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