Influence of Different Larval Instars of Papilio demoleus L. on the Development, Oviposition and Sex-ratio of the Parasite Apanteles papilionis Viereck


Apanteles papilionis Viereck, a gregarious indigenous larval parasite, preferred the first four larvar instars of Papilio demoleus L. for parasitization. The female exhibited an arrhenotokous reproduction. The larval development of the parasite was significantly influenced by the various larval instars of the host. The duration of parasitic development decreased with increasing host age (instar) at the time of parasitization. The developmental periods of egg, prepupal and pupal stages were not affected by the host age. Different larval instars of P. demoleus had no significant influence on the number of eggs deposited and sex-ratio of the progeny of the parasite.


Papilio demoleus, Larval Instars, Apanteles papilionis Development.

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