Biological Studies on the Grapevine Mealybug Predator, Scymnns coccivora Ayyar (Coccinellidae:Coleoptera)


Scymnns coccivora Ayyar is an important coccinellid predator of the grapevine mealybug, Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green) in South India. The biology and feeding potential of S. coccivora were studied on different stages of M. hirsutus. The egg, grub, prepupal and pupal stages occupied 4.13, 1.25-1.40, and 5.25-5.60 days respectively when the coccinellid was reared on different stages of M. hirsutus Mean longevity of male and female was 60.5 and 68.7 days, respectively. A mean of 46.5 eggs was the fecundity rate. The predatory grub consumed 307.7 eggs or 62.2 nymphs or 6.55 adult females of M. hirsutus under laboratory conditions.


Scymnns coccivora biology, feeding potential, grapevine mealybug, Maconellicoccus hirsutus.

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