Safety of Two Granulosis Viruses Infecting Sugarcane Borers to Certain Parasites and Predators


The granulosis virus (GV) infecting sugarcane shoot borer, Chilo infuscatellus Snell., is not affecting directly the principal tachinid larval parasite, Sturmiopsis inferens Tns., and is found safe when tested both by adult feeding and maggot dipping methods. This GV and another GV infecting internode borer, Chilo sacchariphagus indicus (Kapur) are found safe to parasites. Trichogramma chilonis ishii, T. japonicum Ashm., S. inferens. Apanteles flavipes Cam., Elasmus zhentneri Ferr., Tetrastichus israeli Rohw., Adelencyrtus mayurai Subba Rao and coccinellid predators. Chilocorus nigritus (F.) and Pharoscymnus horni Wsl., commonly occurring in the sugarcane ecosystem.


Granulosis Viruses, Sugarcane Borers, Safety, Parasites and Predators.

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