Pathogenicity of Fusarium subglutinans to Sugarcane Scale Insect, Melanaspis glomerata (Green)


The fungus Fusarium subglutinans isolated from an unknown forest scale insect was pathogenic to, sugarcane scale insect, Melanaspis glomerata (Green). Under laboratory conditions, first and second instar nymphs were more susceptible to the fungus than third and fourth instar, nymphs and adults. The fungus when sprayed at higher dosage of 107 to 109 spores/ml caused about 60.0 per cent mortality of first and second instar nymphs. Mortality ranged from 36.7 to 53.7 and 48.5 to 54.9 per cent at 108 to 106 spores/ml in first and second instars respectively. Temperature regimes of 15-20°C and relative humidity of 90-95 per cent appeared to be favourable for the fungus to cause high mortality of the host. Increase in temperature above 25°C and decrease in relative humidity below 85 per cent showed decreasing trend in mortality.


Fusarium subglutinans, Melanaspis glomerata, Pathogenicity.

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