Survey and Surveillance of Storage Insect Pests of Cereals and Pulses and their Natural Enemies, in Vijayapur District


  • UAS, Department of Agricultural Entomology College of Agriculture, Dharwad, India


The survey and surveillance was carried out during 2013 at the seed unit (central store) College of Agriculture Vijayapur, Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) market, Food Corporation of India (FCI) and State Warehousing Corporation (SWC) in Vijayapur, houses at monthly intervals for three months, (July to December 2013) and farmers in five taluks (Indi, Sindgi, Vijayapur, Basavan bagewadi and Muddebihal) in Vijayapur district. During the survey and surveillance, natural enemies found were Amphibolus venator on Tribolium castaneum and Corcyra cephalonica in sorghum and pearl millet, Xylocoris flavipes on T. castaneum, Sitotroga cerelella and Callosobruchus chinensis in sorghum, wheat and bengal gram respectively. Dinarmus sp. on Callosobruchus chinensis in pulses like chickpea, redgram, black gram and moth bean.


Amphibolus venator, Dinarmus Sp., Survey, Surveillance and Xylocoris flavipes.

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