Consortium of Fluorescent Pseudomonads for the Management of Rice Sheath Blight Disease


  • Rice Research Station, Moncompu, Kerala, 688 503, India
  • Gandhigram Rural University, Department of Plant Protection, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, 624 302, India
  • College of Agriculture, Instructional Farm, Vellayani, Kerala, 695 522, India


Pure cultures of bacterial antagonist, Pseudomonas fluorescens were isolated from different locations in Kuttanad for screening against rice sheath blight disease. Three effective strains, viz., PF43, PF46 and PF47 were tested individually and also in combination against sheath blight under field conditions. Combined application of PF43, PF46 and PF47 was found to be effective for sheath blight disease management during rabi 2009-10, kharif 2010 and rabi 2010-11.


Rice, Sheath Blight, Fluorescent Pseudomonads, Biocontrol Agent.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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