Effect of Food Supplements on Developmental Time of Dinarmus basalis (Rond.) (Hymenoptera:Pteromalidae)


  • Rajshahi University, Institute of Biological Sciences, Rajshahi, 6205, Bangladesh


Dinarmus basalis (Rond.) is a larvul-pupal ectoparasitoid of Callosobruchus chinensis (Linnaeus) und C. maculatus (Fabricius). Foods like honey, sugarcane, yeast, agar, and egg yolk, affected the developmental time from egg to adult emergence or the pnnlsiloid Dinarmlls differently on C. chinensis and C. maculatus. Developmental period also vuried among sexes of the parasitoid, the male completed development within 10.41 ± (1.041 ± 0.04 days, but the female developed in 11.04 ± 0.08 days when parasitizing C. chinensis und feeding on honey. On C. maculatus and honey, the mule D. basalis completed development within 11.16 ± 0.07 davs and female took 12.09 ± 0.09 days to complete development. Boney was found to be most effective and agar was less effective host food, in terms of the developmental time of D. basalis.


Dinarmus Basalis, Food Supplements, Developmental Time, Collosobruchus chinensis, C. maculatus.

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