Biosafety of Flufenzin and Fenpyroximate to Certain Beneficial Arthropods


  • College of Agriculture, Pune, Maharashtra, 411 005, India


Laboratory bioassays using contact filter test with flufenzin (g 60, 80, & 100g a. i,/ha, fenpyroximate @ 15, 20, & 25g a, i,/ha and dicofol @250g a. i./ha conducted for safety of phytoseiid-mite (Amblyseius tetranychivorus Gupta), lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea Stephens), forager-bee (Apis cerana indica Fabricius) and earthworm (Eisenia foetida Savigny) revealed that dicofol was most harmful among them, Flufenzin was slightly harmful to them while fenpyroximate was safe. Under field conditions, the abundance of phytoseiid-mites indicated similar results; however, fenpyroximate was observed to be moderately toxrc. Field microbial biomass-carbon was found on par with each other, indicating their safety to soil microbes.


Fenpyroximate, Filter-Paper Test, Flufenzin, Safety to Beneficials.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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