Feeding Potential of Fool's Gold Beetle, Aspidomorpha miliaris (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on Ipomoea carnea Jacq.


  • Manonrnaniam Sundaranar University, Sri Paramakalyani Centre for Environmental Sciences, Tamil Nadu, 627412, India
  • Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600034, India


Laboratory and field studies revealed that Aspidomorpha miliaris (Fabricius) larvae and adults are voracious feeders of Ipomoea carnea Jacq. leaves. The feeding rate increased as the larvae grew. First, second, third, fourth and fifth instar stages consumed 15, 20, 26, 32 and 47 mg leaf per larva per day, respectively. Female and male beetle consumed 42 and 36 mg leaf per day, respectively. The field study clearly indicated that 100 larvae per plant caused more than 97 per cent leaves damaged within 10 days. The feeding index increased gradually from the first day (45) to the last day (149) of the experiment.


Aspidomrorpla miliaris, Feeding Potential, Ipomoea carnea, Weed.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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