Survey and Tritrophic Interactions between Host Plants,Helopeltis antonii Signoret (Heteroptera:Miridae) and its Egg Parasitoids


  • National Research Centre for Cashew, Karnataka, 574 202, India
  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Department of Agricultural Entomology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641 003, India


The egg parasitoids of Helopeltis antonii Signoret existing in neem endemic area (coastal and hinterland of Tamil Nadu) and in non-neem endemic area (western ghats of Tamil Nadu and coastal Karnataka) are Telenomus sp. laricis group (Scelionidae), Erythmelus helopeltidis Gahan (Mymaridae), Chaetostricha sp. and Ufens sp. (Trichogrammatidae). Telenomus sp. is very much dominant in non-neem endemic areas, whereas Ufens sp. is quite prominent in neem endemic areas. When the eggs of H. antonii laid on neem were exposed for natural parasitism, neem has not exerted any adverse interaction on Telenomus sp.


Egg Parasitoids, Helopeltis antonii.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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