Toxicity of Some Insecticides to Andrallus spinidens (Fabricius) (Pentatomidae:Hemiptera)


  • Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University, College of Agriculture, Sehore, 466 001, India


The predator, Andrallus spinidens (Fabricius) (Pentatomidae : Hemiptera) has been recorded preying upon a. number of lepidopterous larvae (Ghosh. 1914; Cherian and Brahmachari, 1941; Nageshwara Rao, 1965; Singh and Gangrade. 1975). It was also observed feeding on the noctuid larvae of Rivula sp. on soybean (Singh and Singh, 1989). Since. no information on the toxicity of different insecticides against the predator is available, an attempt has been made to find out its susceptibility to insecticides.


Andrallus spinidens, Rivula sp., Toxicity, Insecticides.

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