Recorod of Hirsutella nodulosa Petch from Chilo sacchariphagus indicus (Kapur), Sugarcane Internode Borer in India


  • Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Division of Crop Protection, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641 007, India
  • Saint Mary's University, Biology Department, Halifax, B3H 3C3, Canada


Hirsutella nodulosa Petch is recorded as a fungal pathogen of the sugarcane internode borer, Chilo sacchariphagus indicus (Kapur) from Coimbatore area of Tamil Nadu. The infection level during different months varied from 0.3 to 11.4 per cent.


Chilo sacchariphagus indicus, Fungal Pathogen, Hirsutella nodulosa, Sugarcane Internode Borer.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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