Light Microscopic Study of Parathyroid and Ultimobranchial Glands of the Freshwater Turtle Lessemys punctata Granusa


  • ICLES MJ College, Department of Zoology, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • BNN College, Department of Zoology, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, India


The fresh-water turtle Lessemys punctata granusa, possess two pairs of parathyroid glands. The anterior or rostral parathyroid are generally embedded in the thymus tissue. The posterior parathyroids lie between the aortic arches. Each parathyroid gland is surrounded by a connective tissue capsule and is composed of elongated cell cords and follicles. This turtle possesses a single pair of ultimobranchial glands located bilaterally, which are closely associated with the posterior pair of parathyroid glands. The ultimobranchial glands possess cells arranged in the form of follicles around a central lumen of varied sizes.


Fresh-Water Turtle, Parathyroid Gland, Ultimobranchial Gland.

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